Mental Health Treatment

Arbor Place, Inc. has the ability to provide mental health treatment that is right for you.

Mental Health disorders can be complex, but with the treatment team at Arbor Place, Inc., we can work with you to find what the right treatment is for you to begin on the path to recovery.


Effective treatment for depression doesn’t mean just taking a pill. It often is a combination of medication and talk therapy. We can find what’s right for you.

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There are several types of anxiety disorders and different treatment approaches. One of our outpatient therapists can work with you to identify strategies to help.

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Treatment for bipolar can be complex. It starts with correctly identifying the correct diagnosis. Then, the right treatment can be identified.

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Schizophrenia does not affect a large percentage of individuals However, when symptoms present, it can be a confusing and scary experience. It is important to reach out for help.

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We are ready to support you.

Reaching out to us is all it takes to have a conversation about how we can best help.

When you contact Arbor Place, Inc., you will talk directly with one of our staff. Your call or email doesn’t get routed to a big call center or marketers just trying to get your business. You talk directly with us. We know treatment and the barriers that prevent people from getting the help they deserve.

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