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We hold the basic belief in the dignity and worth of each human being. We recognize that this sense of dignity and self-worth often is lost or suffers when individuals are struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. One of the primary goals of Arbor Place, Inc. is to insure the right of self-determination, the ability to regain control over one’s life, and the individual’s re-involvement in the family, the family of the community and society within a lifestyle based on recovery.

Facilities That Feel Like Home

The Arbor Place Treatment Center, located in Menomonie, WI and River Falls, WI, is designed to have individuals immediately feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment of walking in our front door. It is the feeling of comfort and acceptance that continue throughout the facility and services.

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Employees That Care for You

Arbor Place employs individuals who embrace our core values of Respect, Teamwork, and Confidentiality. We believe recovery is possible and want to help people find their way.

Constant Support No Matter What

We understand that lifelong management of substance use and mental health disorders requires ongoing support.

Our Team

We provide our comprehensive continuum of care services through the professional care of credentialed Prevention Specialists, Peer Specialists, Substance Abuse Clinicians and Mental Health Clinicians.
Jill Gamez

Executive Director

Jill Gamez, MPH, MBA, CSAC, PS

Jill Gamez has worked at Arbor Place since 2001 and has served as Executive Director for the past 8 years. One of Jill’s favorite things is hearing from former clients, and it is those messages that continue to inspire her.

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Chuck Cramer

Outpatient Substance Abuse Counselor and Manager

Chuck Cramer, MS, CSAC, ICS

As the Outpatient Manager and a clinical substance abuse counselor, Chuck works with clients individually for substance use disorder treatment and facilitates the Continued Care group.

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Jessica Kerckhove

Outpatient Substance Abuse Counselor

Jessica Kerckhove, MA, CSAC, IDP-AT

Jessica is a clinical substance abuse counselor. She works with clients individually for substance use disorder treatment and facilitates the Primary Outpatient Program (POP).

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Kristen Gustavson


Kristen Gustavson, PhD

As a Clinical Psychologist, Kristen works with clients providing substance abuse and mental health therapy. Her goal is to help people uncover their potential, and lead a life worth celebrating.

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Barb Jacobsen

Outpatient Therapist

Barb Jacobsen

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Cara Helmer

Nurse Practitioner

Cara Helmer, APNP

Cara is an advanced practice nurse prescriber. She believes in holistic management through integrating mental health and primary care needs.

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Lorraine Garland

Recovery Coordinator

Lorraine Garland, CPS, SAC-IT, CCTP

As a recovery coach, Lorraine works with clients during and after treatment, helping them discover ways to maintain sobriety, and understand everything that is possible in recovery.

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Christina Kewin

Residential Counselor

Christina Kewin, SAC-IT

As a substance abuse counselor, Christina uses a strength based approach to working with her clients, and believes that her primary purpose is to assist them in building themselves up.

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Jolee Buhr

Residential Clinical Manager

Jolee Buhr, CSAC, CS-IT

Using a variety of approaches, Jolee, a substance abuse counselor, encourages her clients to break out of their comfort zone, and believes that everyone has the strength and the ability to grow in recovery.

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Joshua Bleskachek

Outpatient Substance Abuse Counselor & Mental Health Therapist

Joshua Bleskachek, MA, LPC-IT, SAC

Josh, a substance abuse counselor, primarily uses a person-centered approach while working with clients, and takes satisfaction from knowing he has helped somebody.

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Jef Whitfield

Residential Counselor

Jef Whitfield, BS, CSAC, ICS, CCTP

As a substance abuse counselor, Jef takes an eclectic approach when working with clients, using a combination of techniques. Helping clients rebuild their lives in recovery is not only his job but his passion.

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Kathy Asper

Prevention Manager

Kathy Asper, BS, PS

Kathy is a Certified Prevention Specialist with 30 years experience providing substance abuse prevention education to coalitions, parents, students, school staff and others across the state.

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Sheli Jo Metzger

Residential Counselor

Sheli Jo Metzger, SAC, CCTP

As a Substance Abuse Counselor, Sheli Jo works with adults in our residential treatment program. She has a strength belief in recovery and strives to help clients find their path to wellness.

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Angelakay Seehaver

Outpatient Therapist – River Falls Office

Angélakay Seehaver, MS, LPC

Angélakay Seehaver is a Licensed Professional Counselor who earned her Master’s in Vocational Rehabilitation counseling at University of Wisconsin Stout. When she isn’t working with clients she loves spontaneous adventures and all kinds of play.

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Jenny Ingram

Outpatient Therapist – Menomonie and River Falls

Jenny Ingram MS, CSAC, LPC-IT, CS-IT

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How We've Helped

The path to getting back to normal is possible. See the success of those who have found recovery at Arbor Place.

“Thank you Arbor Place! All the different groups [in residential treatment] help me understand myself, the brain – how it is different for people with addiction. Every single group is a learning experience to guide me and be a resource to help me in so many aspects of my addiction and recovery.”

“The facility is amazing! The fact that the women and men have their own neighborhood is a very wise decision. I have been fortunate to be with a wonderful group of ladies. We are close, we care, and get along. I can’t say enough about the entire staff – counselors, RTWs, interns, and all others.”

"I have been coming to Arbor Place for about 3 months for outpatient care from Cara Helmer. She is so ridiculously amazing. I saw a psychiatrist for 3.5 years and he was the very best so when he suddenly quit, I soon realized after a year of trying out other doctors and disliking them, that I wouldn’t ever find anyone close to as good as him, until I came to see Cara. It took me a year to find her but I am SO glad I did. I have only seen her 3 times so far and I cannot even believe how much she has already helped. She knows her stuff, for sure. Very knowledgeable, she is VERY thorough, explains everything so you can understand it, I have learned so many things already that I never have been told or knew. I have been seeing mental health professionals since I was 9 and I am now in my 30s, and she is seriously one in a billion. I recommend her to everyone I come across."

"Every single staff member I’ve seen even in passing always says hi, and they have never looked at any patients as less of a person (which isn’t that uncommon for it to happen sadly). The vibe in your establishment is fantastic. It’s such a positive feeling. Lorraine is such a sweet, genuine lady and you couldn’t have picked a better person as a first point of contact for patients coming in and also calling in. Her friendliness is so welcoming. I have listened to her on the phone and she is so patient and helpful. I get this feeling when she’s talking, that her soul shines through."

We Are Ready To Support You

The path to a guided recovery and support is right around the corner. At Arbor Place we promise to be there for you, in confidence, every step of the way.

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