Telehealth and How to Stay Connected With Your Therapist

Are you confused about Telehealth? Or how your Therapist or Nurse Practitioner will keep seeing you during the coming weeks? Worried about how you will stay connected? We’ve thought about this and we’re here to help. And it will be easy. Promise.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of technology, like your computer, tablet or smart phone, to connect. Your Therapist can do counseling sessions using ZOOM. If you’re seeing Cara Helmer for medication management, you’ll use Doxy Me. Or if you have no internet, or data on your phone, your Therapist can call you. Easy.

We’re using ZOOM and Doxy Me and the telephone to continue to offer mental health counseling, and medication management during the COVID-19 crisis. Because now is the time when our clients need access to their therapists and the therapy they are involved in more than ever. But we all need to stay safe too.

And we’ve made it simple. Now is not the time for added stress.

How it works:

If you have internet, and a computer, tablet or smart phone, you can do Telehealth using ZOOM or Doxy Me. Click HERE for instructions on how to access ZOOM or Doxy Me. We’ve kept it simple!

On the day of your appointment, at the time of your appointment, log on, and up will pop your therapist! You can see each other and talk to each other just like you do in their office.

If you don’t have access to the internet, or a computer or tablet, or data on your phone, your therapist can call you on the telephone. You can talk to your Therapist from (almost!) anywhere in your home!

During times of crisis, people facing mental health challenges or working on their recovery from Drugs or Alcohol need to continue receiving care and support more than ever. This isn’t time to take a break or have your care interrupted. Everyone at Arbor Place is working as hard as possible to keep you connected to your Therapist, in whatever way works best for you.

If you have questions about Telehealth, or how to keep your appointments, or what
services we currently have available, give us a call, and we’ll answer your questions.

Call us, and stay connected!