How to Help Your Teen During Safer-at-home

The COVID-19 quarantine is causing everyone’s behaviors to change. Sometimes good habits are started and other times bad habits are started.

Teens are now living with the least structured time they’ve ever had and it’s possible that they could get into drugs or alcohol during this time. It’s also possible that a parent simply begins noticing an existing problem for the first time because of the safer-at-home protocols.

If you’re noticing these patterns, here are some suggestions to help you as a parent.

Talk to them first

Your very first step is to bring it up with them in a caring way. Let them know you’ve noticed their behavior and ask them about it. When they know you care about them and you bring it up in a direct way, they may be more likely to share what’s going on. At this point, your goal is to gather information rather than lecture them.

Ask How You Can Support Them

Before giving them any rules or judgment, ask how you can support them. They may be feeling lonely and missing their friends or they may be struggling with other challenges that you’re not aware of right now.

Your gesture of support may open them up to talking more or they may ask for your help in battling one of their challenges.

Establish Any Necessary Guidelines

You’re the parent and it’s okay to give new rules in your house if you’re seeing destructive or illegal behavior. Giving them guidelines is a loving thing to do and they appreciate knowing you care, even if they don’t admit it.

Get The Support You Need

Going through this alone is hard. Find a peer friendship that you can talk with to share what’s going on and get advice. If you have a partner, talk with them about it as well. Having a teammate can help you have confidence in how you handle this.

Feeling Stuck? We’re Just a Phone Call Away

We’re always here to answer your questions. Give us a call and we can share some ideas on what to try.

We’ve been helping families like yours for many years and have the resources and team to get you through this whether you’d like professional help or just someone to talk to.