Recovery is a Process

Recovery is a process, not a moment, when talking about Substance Use Disorders and recovery from alcohol or drugs. The recovery process is one that will last a lifetime. The more supports a person has, the better their chances are for maintaining their sobriety, and even more, for growing and thriving.


Back in the Olden Days of treatment for alcohol and drug use, it was thought that users had to “Hit Rock Bottom” before they would seek help. And if they weren’t “ready for help” it would never work. And that the way to get them them to accept the help they needed was to let them know how mad the family was at them, and shame them into it.


We’ve learned better. This is not the way.


We now know that one thing that can make a significant difference in a person’s recovery is family support. We know now that yelling, shaming, arguing, fighting and tears aren’t going to make a difference.


When a person starts down the recovery path, their family should start down the path with them. In many cases the family starts walking the path before their loved one. Recovery is not something that happens alone, people need help from others and who better than their friends and family to be a part of the team? Who knows them best of all? Friends and family. They need help, caring, compassion, and understanding.


Which seems like a lot, for a family who is upset and angry, to offer.


We can help make it easier. We can help your life change for the better, regardless if your loved one stops drinking or using. We can help you to help your loved one make the changes needed to walk in recovery.


Recovery for your loved one may start with residential treatment, or out-patient sessions, or group sessions. It might start with them talking, one to one, with a counselor, or a counselor and a supportive family member. That’s not so scary. Recovery might also start with family members and our Family Support and Education program, where we teach you ways to help your loved one. Click HERE to read more about it.


However Recovery starts, it’s not just about the person drinking, or using drugs. We don’t send people to 21-30 days of residential treatment then push them out into the world with a “Good Luck to you then, you’re cured!” We don’t leave families behind, we work together to provide the knowledge and education you need to understand this disease. We offer ongoing support to people in Recovery and to their families.


We’re just a call away, and here to answer all the questions that you have. And to get your family on the path to Recovery.