5 Signs That Your Family Member Might Have a Problem with Alcohol

It can be difficult to tell if a family member has a drinking problem.


Drinking alcohol is common and widely accepted in our culture, and alcohol is offered at most social events. This can make it a challenge to distinguish when someone is developing a problem with their drinking.


When alcohol use becomes a serious concern, it not only affects the drinker but also the friends and family surrounding them. It’s important to identify when someone has a drinking problem so the issue can be addressed.


In this article, we will be going through five warning signs that your family member might have a problem with alcohol use.


Dangerous Behavior


Someone with an alcohol problem has difficulty with self-control and making good decisions while drinking. This can result in reckless behavior in the form of drunk driving, mixing medications with drinks, or operating machinery while intoxicated.


As alcohol becomes more important in their life, they begin to participate more often in dangerous behaviors, often disregarding both the behaviors and their consequences as unimportant or trivial. If you notice a family member engaging in risky activities while under the influence of alcohol, it could indicate they have an alcohol problem.


Neglecting Duties and Responsibilities


Those who have a problem with alcohol may neglect their responsibilities in life, for example, they may consistently miss days at work or school, or start to disregard their duties around the home.


A problem drinker’s life will begin to revolve around drinking and everything else takes a backseat. They will make it a priority to obtain and drink alcohol or may spend large amounts of time recovering from drinking. This leads to little room for other day-to-day tasks.


Those with a problem with alcohol may also be confused about or less attentive to day-to-day responsibilities. Tasks and duties that were once important to your family member may become less important compared to the opportunity to drink alcohol.


Repetitive Legal Problems


Someone who is an avid drinker may also have problems with the law. Public drinking, drunk driving, and domestic abuse are some of the criminal activities related to alcohol abuse. Anything that threatens the freedom of an individual is a problem, especially when the individual continues to participate in illegal behaviors.


Those who frequently drink don’t think clearly about their actions and are more likely to have legal issues. If your loved one has multiple legal problems that involve drinking, there is a good chance they have a problem with alcohol.


Isolation from Friends and Family


Someone with an alcohol problem often isolates themselves from their loved ones because of guilt, embarrassment, or irritation when dealing with others. They may be ashamed of their behavior and afraid that others are disappointed in them.


Problem drinkers may also become more isolated because they can’t function as well in situations not involving alcohol. In addition, withdrawal symptoms can often be too much to handle. Social events not involving alcohol are avoided and seen as “no fun,” causing them to avoid social events with friends and family.


High Tolerance


As a person consistently drinks more alcohol, their tolerance begins to increase. Someone with an alcohol problem is often able to drink more than most people without feeling the same effects as quickly. They will continue to drink while other people are slowing down.


If you notice that a family member is drinking more than is normal for them or more than anyone else without having the same effects, then it is possible they are developing a problem with alcohol.



If any of these warning signs describe a family member, it’s important to seek help.


There are many different treatment options available for someone coping with alcohol problems. Treatment is beneficial to anyone suffering from alcohol abuse, and the earlier treatment is started the better.


Also, it is important to remember that people who have become dependent upon alcohol can have a physical dependency that can make it unsafe for them to suddenly stop drinking on their own. Physical withdrawals, if not monitored correctly, can turn into dangerous situations.


If you believe that your family member or friend has developed a problem with alcohol, contact us today.


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