Does Getting Treatment HAVE To Mean Moving Away For a Month

How does a person TRULY treat addiction?


Movies and pop culture references can make us believe that a person needs to move away to a treatment center in order to get help.


We usually see people say goodbye to their home and family for a month or more.


They disappear and then (hopefully) they’ve overcome their addiction or disorder.


But is that REALLY how it always works?


Often times…no.


Each person is unique and each treatment plan is unique.


Is Residential Treatment The ONLY Option?


There are many options and paths for those seeking addiction treatment. Residential treatment is just one of them.


Many people find deep and lasting recovery through Day Treatment or Outpatient Treatment services. Less intensive treatment options like day treatment and outpatient treatment can work for many people.


When Should You Consider Non-Residential Treatment Options?


Less intensive options are especially effective when a person has a stable home to live in.


When they have a positive place to go home to and a support network around them, the less intensive options can be tremendously successful.


Everyday we work with people in non-residential programs who are recovering from life-impacting substance abuse disorders. The first thing we do to determine a course of action is to talk through a person’s life and substance use situation.


Some Important Things to Think About


When deciding what type of treatment plan will help a person walk a sustainable journey of recovery there are a few considerations that should be made.


Family, friends and a home environment can be a tremendous support to someone in recovery, but they can also have a negative impact if the home and social environment isn’t a positive force in someone’s life. If friends and family members also abuse substances, then moving away to Residential Treatment for a period of time can be helpful.


Other things to consider is how a person handles change. Moving into a residential treatment facility is a big life change that will be followed by another big life change of moving back into “normal life”. Each person should consider with a professional whether these changes will help or hurt the recovery process.



Recovering From Addiction…


…is hard work and different for each person.


Remember, you have options.


And you have a team at Arbor Place that is ready to support you.


If you’re ready to talk, we are here for you.