What to Know About Teen Drug & Alcohol Use

Being a teenager can be difficult. High school, relationships, social media, along with transitions and challenges that we all face can feel overwhelming. This can lead some teens to slip into a dangerous lifestyle of substance use or even addiction. It’s normal for a parent to feel caught off guard and not know how to process it.

At Arbor Place, we have years of experience working with clients of all ages. Here are some tips we’ve learned along the way when it comes to drug or alcohol use in teens and young adults.


1. Know the “Why”


Teen years can be incredibly difficult. The pressure of education, interpersonal relationships, peer pressure, mental health disorders, hectic schedules, and more can feel crushing. Additionally, trauma, such as death or divorce, can leave a teen feeling shaken. Some may find solace or reprieve with drugs, alcohol, or vaping.


2. Know the Risks


Substance use and underage drinking can cause long-lasting chaos and stress to a young person and their family. The teen may experience legal trouble, family problems, mental health problems, school issues and truancy, among other things.


3. Know When to Get Help


Substance use can sometimes feel sneaky and quiet, and sometimes it feels incredibly easy to spot. One thing is for sure, it’s overwhelming to know how to proceed. We’ve compiled a variety of resources for you.


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