New Treatment Center in River Falls, WI

Four-Part Family Seminar Series

Arbor Place, Inc. is happy to offer a Four-Part Family Seminar Series for anyone who is interested in learning more about substance use disorders.  There is no cost and no need to register ahead of time – just arrive with a desire to learn!  We have found these sessions have been helpful for people who struggling with how to help a loved one.  It is held every Wednesday evening from 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM at our main facility located at 4076 Kothlow Avenue, Menomonie, WI.


Family Seminar Series at Arbor Place, Inc. consists of 4 revolving topics to include:


Addiction and the Brain: This seminar discusses the relationship between genetics and environment and the impact of active addiction on the brain and why it’s now considered “a brain disease.”


Relapse and Recovery: This seminar gives an overview of the concept of relapse, how it happens and what it might look like.  The second part of this seminar is making the abstract concept of “recovery tools” concrete with specific examples of what a recovery tool might look like and what a healthy recovery program looks like.  It also offers suggestions on how to rewire the addicted brain in recovery.


Communication: This seminar discusses the four communication styles and why all but assertive communication can be unhealthy.  It also offers specific suggestions on how to improve our communication using assertiveness and “I” statements.  We review the list of Fair Fighting Rules and talk about the meaning of “enabling” and “co-dependency.


Family Roles in Addiction: This seminar reviews the roles family members take on in a dysfunctional (or disease-centered) family dynamic.  We discuss what this family might look like in recovery and how these roles might change.  Finally, we talk about safe family environments for family members new in recovery.


If you have questions about the Family Seminar Series, please contact Jennifer Coyne, MS, LPC, CSAC at [email protected].