Concert at Arbor Place!

This summer Arbor Place residents were privileged to attend a concert by Skyler Ray and Kayla Mulkahy. Skyler and Kayla have been on an extended tour of Treatment Centers across the US, on their Road to Recovery Tour, which took them to over 30 different Recovery Centers.


Skyler Ray is an American Hip-hop artist based out of Portland, OR. Skyler decided that being in recovery himself, he wanted to give back to people who were starting their own recovery journey. Skyler tells his story simply but creates a compelling narrative that anyone who has been there can wholeheartedly relate to. He shows courage, determination, humility, and love in both his story and his music.


Skyler Ray is 28 years old, and grew up in foster homes, and homeless, often sleeping on sidewalks in downtown Portland. In his music he talks about addiction, incarceration, homelessness and with every song, every stop on the tour, and every time he tells his story, he creates hope. Hope is the most powerful thing that one person in recovery can give another, the belief that life can be better and that freedom from drugs and alcohol is possible.


Skyler believes in giving back and giving to the communities that he visits. He believes in recovery and chasing dreams, and that dreams are possible. He brought this spirit to Arbor Place, and to the clients staying here. He brought hope to our clients, and strength and confidence. Skyler says “This is the thing I’m not willing to lose. This love, this music, these people are what I believe in. I’m clean and sober, and this is the most important thing in my life. Kayla and I want to bring this to as many people as we can.”


Skyler and Kayla played a set of six of their songs, after Skyler told his story, and gave each client a CD of those songs, and a tour poster, staying afterwards to sign and talk. Arbor Place was just one of the grateful stops on this tour, but needless to say, we will welcome Skyler and Kayla whenever then can come back this way! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!