Handling Family Stress During COVID-19

With COVID-19 still wreaking havoc on our daily routines, many of us are faced with heightened levels of stress due to family challenges, fear of illness, and financial strains, to name a few. Adjusting to the new normal, from day to day, can be stressful for families. We’ve put together 3 tips for handling family stress during the COVID-19 pandemic that you can apply to your life now.


1. Cut yourself – and your family – some slack

When schedules are thrown for a loop, so are we. Right now, everyone feels a little off their game, and that’s okay. You may find yourself more frustrated than usual, and the same may be true for family members.

Some days are easier than others for all of us, so try not to be too hard on yourself or your family. Instead, try focusing on the positive moments each day. And make sure to check in with your children and partner or spouse to see how they’re handling this stressful time. Listen and let them know that their feelings are valid – and remember that yours are too. Keeping open and honest communication can be extremely helpful right now.


2. Head Outside

If there’s one positive right now amongst the current situation, it’s that it’s finally summer in Wisconsin. Head outside for some much-needed fresh air and sunshine. Set up the sprinkler for the kids, grab a book for yourself, and carve out some time for whatever you and your family love to do outdoors. The whole family will benefit from busting out and burning off some pent up energy.

Exercise is also a great way to burn off that energy. With beautiful weather in the forecast, going on walks, bike rides, or hikes can be a great way to get active and spend some alone time. Or you can grab your family and make it a fun group activity. We also love yard games for families!


3. Limit News and Social Media Time

It’s important to stay up to date on current happenings when it comes to COVID-19. Understanding health officials’ recommendations is vital, and much of these updates are delivered via news outlets and/or social media. On the flip side, too much social media time can actually be quite hazardous to your mental health, especially right now.

Try to set time limits for yourself and your family for consuming both traditional news and social media. Right now, we’re experiencing a constant barrage of COVID-19 news. Setting these time limits can offer you and your family a much-needed break from this, along with the ability to decompress and focus on positivity instead of fear.


This can be a highly challenging time for adults and children alike. Try to remain positive and temper your expectations for yourself and your family members. Remember these tips we’ve offered, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need it. We’re here to help.