3 Steps Every Person Seeking Recovery Must Take

The road to addiction recovery happens one step at a time.   When you’re in the depths of addiction, it can feel hopeless. But having spent decades guiding people out of addiction, we know the way and we know that

What’s The Big Deal With E-Cigs & Vaping?

There’s no smoke and no smell, so what’s the big deal with e-cigs and vaping?   Well, more than you may think.   At Arbor Place, we’ve spent decades helping people recover from substance abuse.   E-cigarettes are a rapidly

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Teen About Alcohol Today

We all know that the teen years are challenging. Peers may experiment with risky, or illegal, behavior and teens often feel pressured to do things they know they shouldn’t do.   But what can parents do about it?   Sometimes

Is It Weird To See A Therapist?

Seeing a therapist can be very beneficial for mental and emotional health…   …and yet there is still a stigma where we don’t like to admit that we see a therapist.   Should it be weird to see a therapist?

The Role of Family in Addiction Recovery: Q & A

Addiction and recovery affect more than just the person abusing substances.   Addiction almost always affects the family as well.   While it’s taxing to have a family member battling addiction, it is beneficial when family members can be part

Is marijuana use safe?
Pot May Be Legal – But Is It Safe?

Marijuana laws (and how we think about marijuana) are changing rapidly.   Many states have now legalized it or lowered the fines and we’re seeing a big shift in how our culture uses, and perceives, marijuana.   As an addiction

Girl in need of addiction treatment centers in Eau Claire, Menomonie, and River Falls
3 Ways to Help a Teen Using Drugs or Alcohol

Are you worried about your teen’s use of alcohol or drugs?  Teen use of substances can hurt families, affect school life and lead to other negative life choices.  If you’re concerned about negative patterns you’re noticing, here are some steps.

Girl in need of substance abuse treatment in Eau Claire, Menomonie, and River Falls
Here is What Parents Need to Know About Teen Drug Use

As teens navigate their youthful years the transitions and challenges of life can lead some teens to slip into dangerous lifestyles of substance use or addiction. Here are some things a parent should know about…