5 Ways Giving Back Is GOOD For Your Whole Self

In the midst of striving to improve our own lives and earn as much as we can with our industry and talents, balance our work and family, and find time for our leisure and health, there may be an important

How to Manage Stress & Mental Health During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a stressful and overwhelming time of year.   For many people, the holidays can feel like an unwanted commitment filled with tension instead of joy and happiness.      Maybe it’s worrying about finding the perfect

7 Ways You Can Benefit From Seeing a Therapist

Talking to a professional who is there to listen and support you is an invaluable experience for many people coping with mental health challenges. It is also something that almost everyone could benefit from and should try at least once

My Underage Teen is Drinking, What Should I Do?

Is your underage teen drinking alcohol, but you’re not sure what to do? Do you want to offer them help but feel afraid you might make the situation worse?   Many teens drink alcohol as a way to cope with

Case Study – Finding the Right Path

Many times it can be difficult to know what path is the right one to take and sometimes we can lose our way and need guidance. One problem that we are facing can lead to several others and life can

Teen Brain Development: Why Teens Do What They Do

The teen brain can feel like a mystery. The emotions and behaviors that people experience during the adolescent years are unlike any other time of our lives. Being a teen is hard. The middle school and high school years are

3 Steps Every Person Seeking Recovery Must Take

The road to addiction recovery happens one step at a time.   When you’re in the depths of addiction, it can feel hopeless. But having spent decades guiding people out of addiction, we know the way and we know that

What’s The Big Deal With E-Cigs & Vaping?

There’s no smoke and no smell, so what’s the big deal with e-cigs and vaping?   Well, more than you may think.   At Arbor Place, we’ve spent decades helping people recover from substance abuse.   E-cigarettes are a rapidly